Dariusz Kołczański

Dariusz Kołczański


Area:Gdańsk, Pomerania, Poland
Phone:+48 607 287 307
My name is Darek and I am a systems administrator with over 15 years of experience. I'm a highly motivated linux/unix expert with professional enterprise background. Always strongly focused on delivering the best possible solutions with maximum efficiency, performance and security. When approaching task, I always try to automate them, knowing that in the longer run this is a time safer for the team.

When I was working in Wirtualna Polska I was responsible for large scale free email hosting services used by over 11 million active users. My main tasks were, development, maintenance and monitoring of the whole infrastructure. Thanks to the trust I was bestowed with I had the freedom to implement my own ideas and lead them as projects along with the team. In the process by using the new aproach, I was able to simplify, then reduce the infrastructure scale. This actions allowed to keep the SLA and increased the users satisfaction.

Once I joined (a software house placed in Gdansk) I noticed that the major problem in it, is the technological debt. The process of development worked but it wasn’t optimal. Nothing was automated, developers wasted time by performing the same tasks over and over again. There wasn't any workflow or deliver to production procedures so every major release was painful and could lead to disaster. As a person that doesn’t sit on his hands and is always eagor to help I saw an opportunity for improvement. The task was arduous and long but thanks to unifying the whole environment, standardizing the procedures and bringing new set of best practices we eventually got there. The automation and improvement of security was highly appreciated by both the developers and client who found it to be extreme valuable.


Extensive knowledge in Linux/Unix Systems Administration

Extensive knowledge in email systems

Systems and application monitoring / performance

Automation / Provisioning

Strong shell scripting skills

Basic programming skills - C / Perl / Python

Webdev technologies

Troubleshooting: fixing impossible issues

Soft skills / character:

Project Managment - Prince2 Foundation Certificate



Positive attitude

Team player

Analytical and decision making skills


Currently interested and trying to be better in:



Systems Automation / Provisioning

Project Managment

Work Experience

2017 - now

Solwit S.A.

Senior IT Infrastructure Engineer
2014 - 2017

Senior Systems Administrator

Totally independent position, 24/7 on call standby. Over 50 physicall servers, more than 200 containers, mostly for www hosting and development. I've inherit whole infrastracture which wasn't in a very good shape, it took some time to bring the best solutions to provide stability and security for our customers.

Main infrastructure stack - Debian, Proxmox, OpenVZ, Ansible, Zabbix, Postfix, Qmail, Nginx, Apache, AOLserver, MySQl/MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL

- Provided technical expertise for IT infrastructure, implementation, optimization and upgrade.
- Performed troubleshooting and diagnosis to hardware/software infrastructure failures, and provided solutions
- Security
- Provisioning
- Automation
- Backup
- Migration some apps into the cloud
- Colaboration and support for developers team - Technical support

2009 - 2014

Wirtualna Polska S.A.

Systems Administrator

Strongly independent position. Over 200 physicall servers, more than 500 containers, mostly for advanced email services and internal support systems of Poczta WP.

Poczta WP - free email services - 11 million active users

Main infrastructure stack - Solaris, OpenSolaris, CentOS, Zabbix, Qmail

- Administration and maintenance of systems and services
- Development and maintenance of Poczta WP email services
- Development and maintenance of Antispam systems
- Development and maintenance of internal support tools
- Development and maintenance of monitoring system / tools
- Automation
- Cooperation and support for developers team
- Technical support for customer care team
- Preparing and performing training sessions for other teams, including non technical staff ( explaning strict IT stuff in human language )

2007 - 2009

Wirtualna Polska S.A.

Helpdesk - support specialist

Technical support for users and customer care team:
- email services
- hosting / domains
- cooperation with developers and administartors teams
- developing internal support tools

2002 - Now



- Linux / Unix Systems Administration
- Web / email hosting
- WebDev